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We realized 72 flights today
with 10820 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483647 dollars

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We have 5 planes in air


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Is the keyboard control not what you are searching for? Do you want to feel during the flight more than a pilot in real aircraft cockpit? If yes, a joystick (flight controller) is the right choice for you.
Do you already have a joystick and do you want to use it with Eurofly? Well, you can use this amazing application, which will do It for you.

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After The Slovak mailing list about Kissoft products we started an English version of this list.
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Other news

Cuckoo Clock - taskspack

9. 7. 2020
Our pilot Klaus Obermeyer from Germany prepared the taskspack Cuckoo Clock for us. It contains 13 nice tasks in which you'll fly to more different countryes in Europe and Asia. This pack will be downloaded to your PC automatically and you'll find it in the tasks menu. Thank you, Klaus and happi flying to all!

Marry christmas 2019

24. 12. 2019
Dear our friends, pilots and fans of Eurofly,
I wish you very Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2020. Thank you for your patience, favor and for support of you all, who have supported Eurofly financially.

Many of you ask about the date of release of Eurofly 3. This year I have been intensively working on new version and I had done the first version, but so far, I wasn’t satisfied with it. I liked it less than the current version 2, and I didn’t want to public something I am not completely satisfied with. In addition, there were more technical problems. For version 3 I’ve devised many new functions and updates, which are though hard to implement, because my development environment is a bit old. That’s why I’ve stopped the development and didn’t know what to do next for a while – how to surpass technical issues and make the new version better. Eventually I have decided for a very radical solution. I’ve decided to start over, from the very beginning in a new, better, modern development environment. That will provide me much better options for developing new, better features of Eurofly, but it requires more time. I am at the beginning again and it will this work take longer time. I believe you’ll take this delay with understanding. The goals are for Eurofly to be better, and so we will be able to extend it further. So that Eurofly can still bring you joy, we’ve prepared 4 packs of tasks for you:

Argentina desde el aire – is a set of 8 task, where you will go across and explore the whole Argentina and you will receive the certificate Argentina specialist. This pack was made by Germais Daniel Laterra.

In package Travel in China you’ll get to know China. After successful finishing of 26 tasks you will receive certificate China specialist. Pack was made by Johnson.

Pack Legendary airplanes was created by Matej Zoudek. It is targeted for technical information. You will perform here 10 different flights with 10 different airplane types and you’ll find out something interesting facts about each of them.

Christmas experience2019 is a pack of 6 tasks, which were made for you by Alejandro Pinto for Christmas 2019.

I believe, that you’ll still have much fun with Eurofly and that next year will finally bring us the new version 3. Trust me, I am waiting for it just as impatiently as you.

New slovak ground in Eurofly

23. 7. 2019
Klara Mirgova is the name of our new slovak ground which can the slovak pilots download from our download center or directly from Eurofly – add-ons menu. Thank you Klara and happy flying to all.

Tour in Greece

22. 5. 2019
Tour in Greece is our new tasks pack which is created by our pilot Kostas Theodoropoulos from Greece. In this very nice pack you find 11 tasks and you will make a tour around Greece and greece islands. After completing this pack you can acquire the certificate Greece specialist. This pack will be downloaded to your PC automatically and you find it in the tasks menu. Thank you, Kostas and happi flying to all!

10 new spanish add-ons for Eurofly

9. 5. 2019
Glein and his team brings today 10 new spanish add-ons for Eurofly. In Add-ons menu in Eurofly you can find now 6 new spanish grounds, 2 dispatchers and 2 new stewardesses. Thank you and happi flying to all!

New taskspack and add-ons for Eurofly

8. 4. 2019
After long time we have again some news for you. Concerts and festivals is a name of very nice taskspack, created by Tomislav Sola from Germany. It is the season of festivals and in 23 tasks you visit more festival places from all world.
We have also some new add-ons for you. Tati is a brasilian stewardess and Storm comes now as a ground and steward to our company. Thank you and happi flying to all!

The best pilot of 2018

15. 1. 2019
Dear our pilots, users and followers. The new year has begun, and we would like to thank you for all your favor and support during last year. You were all very active, and last year had our company made more that 100,000 flights and took over 15,000,000 passengers. It is a big success and that's mainly thanks to you. That's why now, at the beginning of the year, we'd like to nominate the best pilot of the year 2018, who will recite special badge - The best pilot of 2018.
Let's hear out, who got this special award.
We wish you all the best in new year, and so the Eurofly will bring you lot of joy and fun. Stefan

Merry Christmas 2018

24. 12. 2018
We want to wish all our pilots and fans merry Christmas. Thank you for al your donations and that you are still with us. We are happy that Eurofly giwes you joy and fun. We hope Eurofly 3 will come in next year and will bring more fun to you.
We have also a little Christmas present for all pilots. Marco Oros from Slovakia created a new task pack called Spiritual tour. In this pack you have to take passengers of different religions to theyr holy places. We hope this pack will be interesting for you. Happy flying!

Eurofly in greece language!

5. 11. 2018
We are very happy to announce that Dimitrios Tsakiridis and his team created a greece translation of Eurofly. From this day our greece pilots can play Eurofly in theyr native language. If you want have Eurofly in greece language, you have to download the new installer of Eurofly which contains also greece version. The installer contains also 1 greece ground 1 greece dispatcher and 1 greece stewardess. This add-ons are available also for other pilots in add-ons menu in Eurofly. Thank you Dimitrios!

Eurofly now also in portuguese language!

15. 9. 2018
We are very happy to announce that Wendrill Aksenow Brandão and his team created a portuguese location of Eurofly. Available are european and brazilian portuguese locations. Both this translations are included in the official installer. So if you want to play Eurofly in portuguese, you have to download an installer of Eurofly and reinstall the game. Uninstalling before start of the installer is not required. We have also 23 portuguese add-ons and they are for both variants of portuguese language too. They are available in add-ons menu in program. Thank you Wendrill! Happy flying!



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