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We realized 69 flights today
with 11569 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483647 dollars

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We have 8 planes in air


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Is the keyboard control not what you are searching for? Do you want to feel during the flight more than a pilot in real aircraft cockpit? If yes, a joystick (flight controller) is the right choice for you.
Do you already have a joystick and do you want to use it with Eurofly? Well, you can use this amazing application, which will do It for you.

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After The Slovak mailing list about Kissoft products we started an English version of this list.
How to subscribe:
1. Send a blank e-mail to en-kissoft+subscribe(@)
2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Simply reply to this e-mail, leave the subject and body as it is.
3. You will receive further instructions.
4. After subscription, you can send your messages to en-kissoft(@)


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Other news

Temporal server outages

12. 9. 2022
Dear friends, in these days, we're updating the Eurofly server, and therefore some services may be temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the server outage in the recent hours, everything should be already running. You may encounter some errors in the Add-ons section of Eurofly, we're working on the fixes. If you find something else doesn't work, please, let us know. Thanks for your patience.

Merry Christmas 2021

24. 12. 2021
Dear friends, pilots and Eurofly supporters,
thank you all for your favor in 2021. Thanks for all the finantial support and your attention. In this year, we have celebrated the fifth Eurofly anniversary, and we're working on the long expected version 3 to be released in the next-one. If you had doubts about the release of the new version, we have good news. The work continues, we're adding a lot of new features, so Eurofly will be even more interesting.
However, we don't want to leave these Christmas without the regular batch of education and fun. We're publishing three new packs of tasks. Gigi Fersini and Marinos Poulimas have prepared two educative collections - Tour of Italy and Islands of the world. You can receive a certificate Italy specialist or Islands specialist for their completion, respectively. The third new pack is Welcome to Basketball WORLD CUP China-2019, created by Marinos Poulimas.
Our Brasilian pilots can download two new voices - a dispatcher Jhonat and a stewardess Leticia Daniel.
And finally, our Arabic speaking pilots can use the new Arabian language pack from Hasan Tayen, containing 5 grounds, 6 dispatchers and 12 stewardesses.
Thank you all again for the favor and support, We wish you a lot of fun with our Christmas gift, and, of course, we wish you all merry Christmas 2021!

Celebrate with us 5th anniversary of english Eurofly

21. 11. 2021
We want to invite you to celebrate this anniversary with a special flyght, which brings you the special badge "5th english anniversary". This badge is available only in the day of anniversary.
More details and all informations about anniversary traffic and pilots with new badge here.

Celebrating the fifth anniwersary of Eurofly in English

16. 11. 2021
On 22th November, we celebrate the fifth anniwersary of Eurofly's English release. Just like four months ago, a special flight is planned on this date. You can get a special badge - „5th english anniversary“ for its completion. Stay tuned to our Facebook or website, more information is coming in the next days!

A meeting of Eurofly fans on Clubhouse

26. 7. 2021
Dear friends, as we've informed you before, there was a room Eurofly International created on the social platform Clubhouse. This room gives us an opportunity to meet, talk or advice each other at any time. We invite you to an meeting in english language on 3rd august, 19:00 UTC, where we can talk about your experiences, problems, suggestions but also about our future actions on Clubhouse. The author of Eurofly, Stefan Kiss, will be present as well to answer your questions and hear your opinions. We're looking forward to our common meeting!

Celebrate with us 5th anniversary of slovak Eurofly

1. 7. 2021
We want to invite you to celebrate this anniversary with a special flyght, which brings you the special badge "5th slovak anniversary". This badge is available only in the day of anniversary.
More details and all informations about anniversary traffic and pilots with new badge here.

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Slovak and Czech Eurofly

30. 6. 2021
On July 2, 2021, it‘‘ll be five years since the day the first version of Eurofly was released. It was available in Slovak and Czech language, raising interest of many players. We want to remind this important milestone with something exceptional.
Thus, we are inviting all pilots to attend the anniversary flight, for which you can get a special badge „5th slovak anniversary“. All you need to do is to take a flight from Cheb (airport in Czech republic) to Kamenica nad Cyrochou (airport in Slovak republic) or reversely on July 2, 2021, using Cessna C172. This route is not random, it‘‘s a symbolic flight over two states which were one country 30 years ago and where on July 2. 2016 Eurofly was created.
To learn more track the Eurofly homepage. The dirrect link to detailed instructions we will bring you later.
We‘‘re looking forward to the common flight!

Eurofly rooms on Clubhouse

21. 6. 2021
Recently, the new social platform, Clubhouse, has become increasingly popular even in the blind community. As a reaction to this trend, we have created two rooms on Clubhouse for fans and users of Eurofly!
Eurofly SK-CZ is for pilots and fans from Slovak and Czech republic, with the used languages of these two countries.
For pilots from the rest of the world, there is the room Eurofly international with English as the primary language.
Eurofly Sk-Cz room is moderated by Radek Seifert from Prague, the international room currently misses an administrator. If someone is interested in this position, they‘‘re greatly welcomed!
Czech and Slovak Eurofly community uses their respective room for meetings and discussion, but also as a walkie-talkie during their flights. Pilots can communicate with each other and see each other on the Eurofly radar. Our international pilots have the same options in the international room.

In this year, Eurofly is going to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its creation, these rooms will be thus a good place to remind the memories, talk about the current state and the upcoming future. If this year brings something new, Clubhouse will definitely be a good place to talk about it. Don‘‘t worry, all actions will be properly announced, so you won‘‘t miss anything!

6 continents – taskpack

12. 4. 2021
Our pilot Aleksandrs Vorslovs comes with new taskpack named 6 continents. It is the largest pack in the history of Eurofly. Today we bring you its first part, which contains 154 tasks. Alexandrs describes it as follows:
„Every person knows that black days have come for all airlines in the world. Many of the largest airlines have sought help from "Eurofly”. Within a few months you will serve 154 British Airways flights. These flights are based on real route and altitude data. The first part of the tasks involves flights on medium-haul routes.“
After completing this pack you can acquire the certificate Medium-haul flight specialist.
This pack will be downloaded to your PC automatically and you‘ll find it in the tasks menu. Its second part will be in accordance with its schedule released on 21th June.
Thank you, Alexandrs and happi flying to everyone!

Merry Christmas 2020

24. 12. 2020
Dear friends, the past year, 2020, was in no doubt unique. Everything was different. Even I wanted to do more in this year, but sadly, that did not happen. Thus, Eurofly 3 is still not complete yet. I haven't forgotten, though. I still want to keep working on Eurofly and I believe the upcoming year could finally make it. For now, we have at least a small present for you. Our pilot Marinos Poulimas has prepared a new taskpack called Get to know Africa. It contains 61 tasks, which will guide you across the whole continent of Africa. For our greek pilots, we have also a new dispatcher and ground Nikos, with a new stewardess Melina. Thank you Marinos! You can find all of these in your Eurofly. Thank you all for your support in 2020 and we wish you merry Christmas and happy new year 2021! I believe it'll bring some interesting news. Stay tuned!



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