How to use Status Monitor

Status monitor is a function which enables you to follow selected properties of the aircraft on the braille display, as you can choose yourselves which properties will be checked and in which order. You can configure your Status Monitor in two ways:
- In the Eurofly settings (Main Menu - Settings - tab General - Status Monitor)
- Pressing Alt+Shift+M during your flight.

You will configure your Status Monitor if you write a pattern line using key words for each aircraft property in the edit field. Such key words are e. g. sped for speed, nas for nose inclination, or dir for direction. You can see, there are not used correct English words but their edited versions regarding how many characters are the maximum for each property on the braille display. For example, range for direction can be from 0 to 360. This means, it can take only 3 characters on the braille display, just like the word "dir". As well about nose inclination, it can be in range from -30 to 30, so as well as the word "nas" it can only take 3 characters. So each key word means the maximum number of the concrete property. Thanks to this you can exactly define appearance of your braille display. If you have e. g. a display of 40 characters, you can create for example this kind of entry:

hight sped nas dir arlat arlon

By means of key words we inserted height, speed, inclination, direction, map latitude and map longitude. After each value we inserted 3 spaces and used exactly 40 characters of the braille display. We can also change the order of values, write less number of them or insert more spaces behind each of them. During active using the keywords will be replaced by corresponding values but everything else including spaces and other text remains without changes. So you can set your Status Monitor also like this:

s = sped h = hight

In this case you will see the height and speed on the Status Monitor but they will be marked as "s" and "h" and the way we have set it.

You can change your Status Monitor configuration also during your flight in case you miss some properties or you want to delete some of them.

Then you will turn on or off your Status Monitor itself by Alt+M.

The keywords list:

Dir = direction
Hight = height
Sped = speed
Nas = nose inclination
Navigation = distance from destination
Arlat = latitude on the airport
Arlon = longitude on the airport
Mgpslat = latitude on the map
Mgpslon = longitude on the map
Bothlat = latitude of the airport and the map, regarding whether the aircraft is on the ground or in the air.
Bothlon = longitude of the airport and the map, regarding whether the aircraft is on the ground or in the air.

Copyright 2016 by Stefan Kiss