Our aircraft policy

We are very glad that there are thousands people within the whole world interested in Eurofly. The number of registered pilots on the web says that our company got spread out. For flying to be more interesting and for the good and working hard pilots to be more visible, we prepared a brand new Pilots section on our web. There you can see not only the list of all the pilots but also how they do in their flying. The Eurofly company evaluates all their pilots and ranks those who are the best within the rules valid since the 1st March. You can find them here

To ensure fair and equal conditions for all to evaluate the pilots, we decided to change the philosophy of creating new aircrafts since the 1st March. The company of Eurofly officially owns aircrafts, the list and properties of which you can find on our web in Planes section. These aircrafts will be considered as certified aircrafts of Eurofly. The word "certificate" will appear also in the aircraft properties after pressing Ctrl+Enter and only flights done with these aircrafts will be included into evaluation of the pilots. The player cannot change the properties of these aircrafts. If the player makes any changes in the files of "air" folder, these will be ignored and the aircraft will be set within its original parameters. Our technical supervisor about the aircrafts is our general manager of our Technical and Purchasing Department, Declan Webster.

Each player can keep creating their own aircrafts like before but they won't be certified and flights with them will not be included into the evaluation.

We accepted this policy to prevent creating unreal aircrafts with extreme speed or extreme number of passengers. Flight with such aircrafts would not be fair towards those who are flying fairly. We believe that inspite of this restriction, you will find flying with us interesting and bringing a lot of joy to you.

Copyright 2016 by Stefan Kiss