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Now I want to express my acknowledgements to the following people who cooperated with me on this programme:

Peter Johnson, Gary Darby and Rastislav Kiss, who helped me to find solutions for cartographical problems and problems related to programming.

Peter Vágner, Peter Nedorost, Vítek Jirásek, źuboš Pinteš and Rastislav Kiss, who helped me to collect the geographical data and who were working day and night to put together the map of the whole world as soon as possible.

Vítek Jirásek, Rastislav Kiss, Peter Nedorost and Ondrej Rosík, who were testing the Eurofly and brought new ideas to this programme. If first versions of this programme had contained the pilot diary, Vítek would have been far away from me in the lead in relation to flown kilometres. However, thank to this fact, he revealed a large number of errors together with other people who were testing Eurofly and he invented a large number of improvements.

Jan Ohřál, a pilot who gave us invaluable information about flying .in real life, who collected technical data related to aeroplanes for the programme Eurofly and consulted with us a lot of questions related to control of an aeroplane.

Everyone who created dispatchers for this programme.

Everyone  who created stewardesses for this programme.

Vítek Jirásek for a rich technical help with production of records and for help with many other problems related to production of Eurofly. Although I am the author of Eurofly, Vítek, sometimes day by day, provided me with new ideas, observations and improvements down to the last detail and so quality of the programme was growing rapidly. Thank to his technical skills while he was working with sound, he became a sound engineer for Eurofly and his role is to prepare, edit and cut all records and care for sound as such within this programme.

Horst Konrader, who gave us his consent to use the song Konis Hupen in this programme.

And, above all, I want to express my acknowledgements to God for inspiration, power, wisdom, patience, time, a tolerant wife and for all colleagues mentioned above.