EUROFLY 2 – Licence

Copyright Štefan Kiss 2017


The programme Eurofly was programmed by Štefan Kiss in 2016 as an entertainment and educational application for the visually impaired.


Eurofly aswhole is the intellectual property of its author.


This programme is freeware and therefore it can be used free of charge and spread freely aswhole exclusively without any claim to reward.


If you are going to spread the Eurofly programme, you always have to distribute it aswhole, this means together with this file on license conditions and with all the documentation.


The author of this programme declares herewith that he is no creator of completely all components this programme containsabove all music and sound files, and therefore he claims no intellectual property for these components. However, he is the author of this programme and so he is the author of how each component is processed and used. This altogether forms a new workthe programme Euroflywhich aswhole already is the intellectual property of its author. Therefore it is always inevitable to distribute this programme aswhole because even if music and sound records coming from other sources are used in this programme, the author is no owner of copyright for these works, and so within the respective licenses he is just entitled to use them in the programme Eurofly and not to spread copyright of their authors.


The geographical data come from:

- server Geonames - (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License)

- server (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license)


The license Creative commons means that the data can be spread free of charge only if they contain their source. This includes that the author of the application Eurofly is not responsible for correctness of the geographical data; the responsibility is taken by the provider.


However, the way how the geographical data for the programme Eurofly are processed is the intellectual property of the author of the programme Eurofly and the author reserves the right to spread the geographical data in the secured way. Furthermore, any decompilation or decoding of data files or access to their content in any way outside the application Eurofly and spreading of data in this process is forbidden. This means that the license Creative commons allows you to use and spread only that geographical information you get from the programme Eurofly, and not through decompilation of its programme components.


The records with voices of dispatchers, grounds and stewardesses were made exclusively for the programme Eurofly. You are not allowed to spread these voices outside the programme Eurofly without consent of the respective persons.


The music used in the programme Eurofly comes from freeware sources. The exception is the song Konis Hupen (Germany). This song is commercial and cannot be spread outside the programme Eurofly without consent of its author. Within the programme Eurofly this song is used withkind consent of its author Horst Konrader (


The license Creative commons includes the following musical works:

- Africa -

- Bulgaria -

- Hungary -

- Italy -

- Spain

- Jugoslavia -

- France -

- Israel -


Within this license, if you are going to use any of the songs mentioned above, you have to indicate the respective source.


The source code components that concern cartographical calculations for motion of body on the Earths surface were developed exclusively for the programme Eurofly by Gary Darby from south-western Virginia.


While testing the programme Eurofly, no problems emerged on the tested devices. The author is not responsible for damage that can appear while using the programme Eurofly and no damages can be claimed from the author.