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We realized 103 flights today
with 29580 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483027 dollars

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Is the keyboard control not what you are searching for? Do you want to feel during the flight more than a pilot in real aircraft cockpit? If yes, a joystick (flight controller) is the right choice for you.
Do you already have a joystick and do you want to use it with Eurofly? Well, you can use this amazing application, which will do It for you.

English mailing list about Eurofly and other Kissoft products

After The Slovak mailing list about Kissoft products we started an English version of this list.
How to subscribe:
1. Send a blank e-mail to en-kissoft+subscribe(@)
2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Simply reply to this e-mail, leave the subject and body as it is.
3. You will receive further instructions.
4. After subscription, you can send your messages to en-kissoft(@)


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Other news

Eurofly 1.7.5 was released

23. 12. 2016
Before the Christmas day, we bring a new version of Eurofly to you with small improvements. Version 1.7.5 contains this new features:

- By ctrl+pause and shift+pause shortcuts, you can now change a volume of dispatchers. If your computer do not have pause key, you can change this in ini file on line Towervolume. Value must be in range 0-100.

- By ctrl+delete and shift+delete shortcuts, you can change volume of stewardesses. This can be also done in ini file on line Stewardvolume. Value must be in range 0-100.

- We changed a frequenci of storm and turbolence areas. They are still generated randomly, but now only after 12 minutes. This limit you can change in ini file on lines FRTurbulence and FRStorm. Input number must be minimal time after which storm or weather areas can be generated, in minutes.

- In list of aircrafts you can see now also information, where you have your plane parked.
- Informations speaked after pressing ctrl+U, ctrl+I and O can be now wieved in list. Because there can be less or more informations which can be spoken or wieved in list, with default option when there are less than 4 informations, they are spoken, othervise they are wieved in list. This can you configure in ini file, if you do not want to use lists at all, change value on line Showlists to 0, or if you want to change maximal amount of informations to be spoken, edit line Listscount. Intresting for you can be also line Separator, on which you can set one or group of characters, which will Eurofly use to separating each information, when this is spoken. By setting right characters combination for your speech synthesis, you can make lower or higher pauses between spoken informations about places.

- Like pilot, you can now talk to passengers yourself using intercom. It is possible by holding f11 key, while you are keeping It pressed, your voice is streamed to passengers, so you can comment them various things like where you are, what intresting places are around or what they should to do, like sit down on theyr places because of landing, or to make theyr last prayer, when you are falling to the ground. :D If intercom is causing troubles on your computer, you can turn It off in ini file, on line Intercom where you should to change value 1 to 0.

- As part of fix is included also new version of airports list, which contains about 70 new items. You can find list of news in our help center.

New english towers and stewardess in Eurofly

19. 12. 2016
We have in our company 3 new english dispatchers (Sarah, William, Steve Murgaski) and one stewardess (Natalie). All of them you can download in our download center



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