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We realized 47 flights today
with 6803 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483647 dollars

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We have 13 planes in air


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Do you already have a joystick and do you want to use it with Eurofly? Well, you can use this amazing application, which will do It for you.

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After The Slovak mailing list about Kissoft products we started an English version of this list.
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Other news

3 new grounds and new pack of airplanes

2. 3. 2018
We have 3 new grounds for you. Gigi is an italian ground, Nail is an english ground and Zdenek Sagner is a czech new ground for Eurofly.
We have also new pack of planes for you. Our official pack contains 37 planes now.
All new add-ons you can find in our Download center.

Our new aircraft policy

27. 2. 2018
We have new aircraft policy, valid since the 1st March 2018. The complete document about our aircraft policy and Rules of evaluating the Eurofly pilots you find here.

Eurofly 2.0.9

25. 2. 2018
The new update of Eurofly comes with some little fixes and one little feature. After pressing alt+Z for setting an automatic hight you can set also the angle of your climbing or descending. Both values can be written to the edit field as two values, separated with ,. For example: if you pres alt+Z and write only 10000 your plane will climb in default angle of 15 degrees. If you pres alt+Z and type 10000,7 your plane will climb in angle of 7 degrees.

Eurofly 2.0.8 is here

18. 2. 2018
The new update of Eurofly comes with some little news:
- the problem with spanish transceivers is finally fixed
- the problem with freezing the application during communication with server is fixed
- the problem with repeating a last message by pressing shift+W is fixed
- the problem with announcement about opened doors is fixed
- the problem with long messages in communicator is fixed
- you can now change the plane in hangar
- you can show the homepage of Eurofly dirrectly from traffic panel by pressing ctrl+H
- you can show the webpage of traffic dirrectly from traffic panel by pressing ctrl+T
- you can show the webpage of pilots dirrectly from traffic panel by pressing ctrl+P
- you can show the webpage with informations about pilot in communicator by pressing ctrl+H on the message of pilot
- The TCas signal should be played only when you have a critical altitude
We wish you lot of joy with Eurofly

New 7 wonders of the world

14. 2. 2018
New 7 wonders of the world is a new taskspack for you. It contains 7 nice flights around the world and with this flights you will visit with your passengers 7 interesting places. You will get also interesting informations about each location. The author of this pack is Radek Seifert from Czech republic. In this taskspack is turbo feature unavailable. Happy flying.

Gigi - new italian dispatcher

14. 2. 2018
We have new italian dispatcher Gigi in Eurofly. You can find it in our Download center or dirrectly in add-ons in the program.

Eurofly 2.0.7

25. 1. 2018
The new update of Eurofly comes with little fixes of the known problems and two new practical features:
- The first feature is a possibility to assign your new profile to existing account on server. For example: you have a profile in Eurofly, you have an account on server and you have some score here. If you lost your profile, now you can contact the author and you will get a unique assign code. With this code you can create a new profile, assign it to your existing account on server and continue with your existing score. If you need to do it, you can contact the author on
- The second feature is again a new form of communicator. We are looking for an optimal mode for communication. Now you can choose max. 8 preferred languages. You will be asked for this option automatically. If not, you find it in Options on the general page. Your chosen languages will be set to the channel 1-8. You will receive all messages on the channel 0. If you want, you can read all messages in all languages or only messages in your preferred languages. If you want reply to message in your language, you can do it dirrectly on channel 0 by pressing ctrl+R. So it is not needed change the channel. You have to change the channel only if you want the new message in some language. In this case choose the channel of your language and write the new message. If you want to communicate only in one language, you can stay in channel of the language. If you want to communicate in more languages, you can be on the channel 0 and reply to messages with CTRL+R. You can recall the languages settings by pressing CTRL+L dirrectly in the messages panel.
We hope this new features bring more joy to you.

New Spanish add-ons for Eurofly

25. 1. 2018
We have more new Spanish add-ons for Eurofly. In our Download center you can find 2 new Spanish stewards, 4 new Spanish grounds and new version of Spanish dispatcher Perello. You can download this news also from the add-ons in Eurofly.

Eurofly 2.0.6

14. 1. 2018
The new update of Eurofly brings this changes:

- the problem with spanish transceivers in non spanish countries is fixed
- the problem with don't enter main way signal'S instant playing also after overfly of announced aircraft was fixed
- the problem with main menu after finishing of a task in the case of focus being in some list is fixed
- the problem with turbo in Concorde airplane is fixed
- Many pilots wrote, that for planes is not normal, when they are moving backvard. So, the maximum speed during reverse was limited to 20 Kilometers. If you want to go with higher speed, you have to turn with your plane. For example, when you are near some gate and you are done with planning your flight, you have to turn with very low speed and then go normally back to main way. Before the main way, you hear a beep signal what announces, that the main way is near. If you don't hear the signal, you are on the way. This is the same situation as on the way from hangar.
- A little change was made in communicator. Only channel 0 is used and this channel are using all pilots with more languages. So, we made one change experimentally - channels 0, 1 and 2 are available for all pilots, but can be used for different languages.

Happy flying

Eurofly 2.0.5

13. 1. 2018
In previous days we brought some new updates of Eurofly for you. The current version, released today, is 2.0.5. It comes with some news, litle features and little fixes:

- it was added a beep sound to situations, when you change a channel in communicator, or when you type a speed, course or altitude to automatic systems
- the support of numpad was added to the same situations and to the situation when you type a frequency and transponder code
- it was added a detailed log system, which creates a log file after crash or errors. If you want, you can send it to the author for detajled analysis of the problems. We hope, that it helps find the bug if some problem comes.
- the count of tasks was added to the list of tasks pack. When you will list the available tasks pack, you wil see also the count of tasks, which the pack contains
- some changes was made also in communicator. Now you can see the state in which is the pilot who is speaking with you. After his name, you can see his state, the distance between you or this information can be hidden. You can change the type of wieving by pressing F2.
- When you press enter on some message in communicator, you will see the message in edit field and you can read it with left and right arrows or copy it to the clipboard
- If you press ctrl+R on some message, your message will contain sender's name of the original message. So you can create a message, which is a reply to some message.
- It was added a new setting to the options - home airport. You can choose one airport as your home airport. You planes will be default parked on this airport if it is possible. If you choose an airport of third category as your home airport, all planes will be located on it. If you choose an airport of second category as your home airport, only planes of 1 and 2 category will be parked there. Big planes will be parked on airport, which will be found as a nearest big airport from your homeairport.
- Some pilots wrote, that it is not very pleasant to hear a sound of gate, when they're boarding passengers and are preparing the plane for taking off near the gate. So, it was added a new feature - autosleep mode. It means that when you come to the gate and stop near it, the sound of the gate will be muted automatically after 20 seconds. The sound will play again, when you move your airplane or when you pres K or L key.
- the problem with showing latitude and longitude on statusmonitor was fixed
- the problem with closing the window of addons was fixed
- the problem with message about invalid float point was fixed.
And some other bugs.

We have also a new version of pilots section on our webpage. When you visit the pilots section, you will see a list of all pilots, which can be sorted by more informations. The default sorting is by flights without crash, where you can see our best pilots.

Thank you for your patience. We hope that all bugs will be fixed step by step and Eurofly will bring you lots of joy.



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