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We realized 257 flights today
with 32763 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483349 dollars

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Is the keyboard control not what you are searching for? Do you want to feel during the flight more than a pilot in real aircraft cockpit? If yes, a joystick (flight controller) is the right choice for you.
Do you already have a joystick and do you want to use it with Eurofly? Well, you can use this amazing application, which will do It for you.

English mailing list about Eurofly and other Kissoft products

After The Slovak mailing list about Kissoft products we started an English version of this list.
How to subscribe:
1. Send a blank e-mail to en-kissoft+subscribe(@)
2. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Simply reply to this e-mail, leave the subject and body as it is.
3. You will receive further instructions.
4. After subscription, you can send your messages to en-kissoft(@)


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Other news

Statistic on our webpage

1. 5. 2018
Since 1. may we have a new statistics section on our webpage. There you can see informations about our traffic in concrete year or months. You can find there also names of the 3 activest pilots for each month. Enjoy!

Revolution in transceivers!

22. 4. 2018
There are two brand new packages with transceivers placed in download center. USA package and Canada-Australia package. For these states being so huge variety and diversity of transceivers was low with traffic being still repeated all over again which was uneventful boring and most of us know the traffic samples by memory. Therefore we crawled through 50 U.S. states gradually recording traffic and communication of each state one by one as well as Canada (e.g. Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick etc.) and also Australia (New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia etc.). By downloading and installing these transceivers you'll get really genuine and authentic fingerprint of voice communication and sound for each state or territory. Every single state and territory will be speaking to you using different human voices of towers and pilots in cockpits in the background. We tried hard to minimalize the data size but not for the sound to suffer from that even though some samples are on the verge of acceptance. However, the complete size reaches about 2 Gygabites. These are only the audio samples which will be extracted, no touch of registries at all.

3 new voices in Eurofly

21. 4. 2018
We have 3 new voices in different languages in our company. Alex is a german dispatcher, Marshall is an english ground and Rangga is an indonesian ground. You can find they in our download center or in add-ons menu in Eurofly. Happy flying!

7 new voices in Eurofly

7. 4. 2018
We have 7 new voices of different languages in our company. Igna is an english dispatcher, Ilija, Milan and Zeljko are our serbian dispatchers, Daniel and Richard are our german stewards. You can find it in our download center or in add-ons menu in Eurofly. Happy flying

Melanie, Milan and Nail - 3 new add-ons

31. 3. 2018
We have 3 new add-ons in different languages for you. Melanie is a french stewardess, Milan is a serbian ground and Nail is a russian dispatcher. You can download the new add-on in your preffered language in our download center or in add-ons menu in Eurofly. Happy flying and happy Easter.

Eurofly now in german language!

25. 3. 2018
We are very happy to announce that David Parduhn and his team created a german translation of Eurofly. From this moment our german pilots can play Eurofly in theyr native language along with 4 grounds and 7 towers also in German.
If you want to have Eurofly in german language, you have to download the new installer of Eurofly which contains also german version. The installer contains 1 german ground 1 german dispatcher and 1 stewardess. All other grounds and towers are available in add-ons menu of Eurofly.
If someone of non-german pilots want to have some german tower or ground, he can download it in add-ons menu.
Thank you David!

Update 2.0.11

9. 3. 2018
The version 2.0.11 comes with some little fixes:
- fixed the problem with Concorde and other similar planes which has different take of and landing speed
- fixed the problem with crashing an application after selecting the languages for communicator
- fixed the problem with right position of favourite points
- fixed the problem with typing an angle of ascending or descending in autohight
- fixed the problem with uncorrect information about target destination on the web, when the target point is not an airport
- fixed the problem with speaking of the ground or dispatcher which talked also after changing a frequency
- added the first version of sapi support in traffic panel. You can now read it with up and down arrows
Happy flying

European tour

6. 3. 2018
European tour is a name of new tasks pack. In 26 tasks, you will learn about the basic geography of Europe and visit all its capitals. After completing this tasks you will get a geographic certificate "Europa expert". The author of this pack is Radek Seifert from Czech republic. In this taskspack is turbo feature unavailable. Happy flying!

Eurofly 2.0.10

5. 3. 2018
The version 2.0.10 fixes the problem with long messages in communicator, problem with certification of planes after changing the plane and problem with automatic hight.

3 new grounds and new pack of airplanes

2. 3. 2018
We have 3 new grounds for you. Gigi is an italian ground, Nail is an english ground and Zdenek Sagner is a czech new ground for Eurofly.
We have also new pack of planes for you. Our official pack contains 37 planes now.
All new add-ons you can find in our Download center.



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