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We realized 115 flights today
with 31350 passengers.

Value of company assets is 2147483647 dollars

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Help center for Eurofly


Eurofly 2 is not an easy application. I know that beginner needs lot of help. So I prepared this help center where is a complete documentation, audiotutorials and more other informations available.



You can listen our audio tutorials which demonstrate some propertyes of Eurofly. This tutorials was created by users of Eurofly.
You can listen a

Demonstration in english language by pilot Brendan -part 1
Demonstration in english language by pilot Brendan - part 2
English tutorial by pilot Sarah - overview of keys and free flight
English tutorial by pilot Sarah - SOS landing
Italian tutorial by pilot Matteo Panariello
Spanish tutorial by pilot Cristian
Audio tutorial in slovak language by pilot Stefan - about interface and options items
Audio tutorial in slovak language by pilot Stefan - flyght

Thank to each pilot who created an audio tutorial and published it here in this help center. We are sure that it will be helpfull to other beginners and new pilots.


You can to read documentation of Eurofly. It contains more files and may be that you find an answer to you questions in some of folow files:

New airports
Quick start
Tips and tricks

Others articles

You can to read also some next articles which can answer your question.

Our aircraft policy
Rules of evaluating the Eurofly pilots

How to use Status Monitor
How to create your own task pack


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